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"Wow, these things have got some punch! I love that, but even better they maintain great articulation - nice compressed acoustic-like clean sound with the volume rolled down, too. Both pickups sound fantastic, and the neck pickup has a great honk!"
-Jim Welford (Eternity set)

"Fitted the Mandalas and, wow what a difference they have made. It's a different guitar altogether now. Lovely bright tones and loads of volume from the bridge pickup, especially through the dirty channel of my amp, and loads of bass in the neck pickup - they also sound amazing together! 3 different sounds available to me just through the pickup selector now. More than pleased with them ... I'd definitely recommend these pickups to anyone."
-Chris Pilmore of Black Forge (Mandala P90 set)

"The pickup sounds great ... it adds lots of clarity to finger picking guitar solos. It shows promise when its cranked into overdrive for a pub rock gig with lots of clarity. It is very quiet (hum-wise) and shows no sign of microphonics. It does EVERYTHING better than it did before. So, thanks very much for breathing new life into my old pickup, and giving me a hand-wound bespoke sound."
-Jon Gordon (Telecaster bridge rewind)

"I'm really liking these, a clear, vintage, woody tone which is exactly what I was after, and a very nice balance between the two."
-Simon Kennedy of The Simon Kennedy Band (Ablanathanalba set)

"The pickups are amazingly good. Totally blown away by the improvement. What I really like is I can get the right sound for playing Shadows type stuff, but the set also offers something different, as you advised. Bridge pickup is punchy and bright. Nightfall nice and mellow. Great job!"

-Duncan Smith (Mercurial set w/ Nightfall middle).

"This set is on another level because of the clarity they deliver. You don't lose the 'breathy' unique nature of the P90, but you do gain a huge amount of clarity in my book. I'm very much a 'warm' neck pickup kind of player, but I've been amazed by how much I've used both pickups, and my favourite position is in fact the middle position - the best of both worlds. The neck is creamy and warm, and I love the sound of the bridge with some dirt. I can't quite believe how articulate these pickups are!"

-Keith Stokes (Roulette Casino P90 set).

"I've got these fitted and they do sound fantastic, lovely clear cleans and incredible definition even at higher gains. I am very happy with them and they have brightened the guitar up beautifully. I found the stock pickups a little muddy and no matter what I tried I couldn't make them sound any better, so these are great! I will definitely be recommending these to everyone."

-Stuart Richmond (Hartshorn set).

"That P90 is amazing!!! It rounds off the top end smoothly but amazingly every note still snaps! It has a lovely vintage clean tone and it's a totally different beast with gain. Beautiful cleans but with lively, gritty textures when pushed hard. I'm very happy with it! My SG Jnr. is now my favourite guitar because of your pickup."

-Jerome M (Regia P90 bridge).

"My guitar tech got these fitted and said they're the best pickups he's ever heard. In short, your Leviathans are exactly that! I don't think I had appreciated just how massive they would sound, I absolutely adore them."

-Marc Caraway (Leviathan set).

"Used the Les Paul with confidence for the first time in 16 years. It is a totally different guitar now - still gritty under gain but much clearer with a warmer, 'middy' tone"

-Rob Janicki (Hartshorn set).

Alchemy Shimmer Fantastica

"It's got all the bottom end and crunch I need without feeling over the top, but most impressive is the top end. Somehow you've managed to take all the harshness out without losing the bite needed - something that I have been looking for for years! Thanks a lot for your help and advice, I wish I had found your stuff years ago!"

-Adam Jenkins (Claymore bridge)

"I cannot get the smile off my face. WOW!!! I tried the pickup this morning with a set of new strings and it is FANTASTIC. A very distinctive sound and not for the faint-hearted! Thank you for such pleasant, helpful and efficient service."

-Graham Horsman (Solar bridge).

"Fitted the p'ups and they sound absolutely fantastic! Can't recommend them enough."

-Peter Crook (Mercurial Tele set).

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