Alchemy Pickups is an independent pickup designing and winding company, set up to offer quality custom wound pickups with voicings for all styles of music to allow all players to access a truly unique and organic sound.

Alchemy Pickups is operated by Jack out of a small workshop in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Most pickups are wound to order, be it a pickup from our growing range, or one which is custom wound to your specifications, with the typical lead time currently being around 7-10 days.

Alchemy Pickups offers in-depth customer services should any prospective customer be unsure on what to purchase to get the desired sound out of their guitar. Simply email at sales@alchemypickups.co.uk, or complete the form on our contact page, for guidance on which custom wound pickup is right for you, any queries regarding pickup repair or rewind services, and more information about our range.

Alchemy Pickups utilise only handwinding methods for a complex wind and open and organic sound in each and every pickup, with no two winds ever being identical. Only high quality, uniform bobbins, AlNiCo/Ceramic magnets, modern polysol coated wire, and professional grade materials are used in the making of each pickup.
All of our wax potting is done using our own soywax blend, which not only achieves the warmth of a beeswax/paraffin mix, and retains the clarity of the unpotted pickup, but has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly and carbon neutral.