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YouTuber Leigh Fuge reviews the LT Custom Pioneer P1, fitted with a stock set of handwound Alchemy Hartshorn (AlNiCo V bridge) humbuckers. Check out the video for clean (9:08), crunch (11:20) and gain (13:54) tones in all three pickup positions!

Guitarist Rob Harvey-Powell walks through the tones of the LT Custom HSS 'Classic S', featuring handwound Alchemy (AlNiCo II) Evocation bridge, Mercurial middle and Nightfall neck pickups.

A rundown of the special Anniversary Pioneer model from the LT Custom channel, featuring a set of Hartshorns with the ceramic option bridge and calibrated neck - perfect to compare and contrast with the standard AlNiCo V bridge option set above!

A very in-depth review of a custom super hot Telecaster bridge for high gain playing by Adam over at Hop Pole Studios. This review also features the standard Nightfall neck Telecaster pickup.

Tones start at 9:20, but the whole video is well worth a watch!

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