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How Do I Place An Order?

To place an order for one of the range of handwound pickups, simply add one of the pickups from our 'Shop' page into your cart and process through our checkout system to complete a transaction. Pickups are available as individual bridge, (middle, for single-coils), or neck pickups, as well as in calibrated sets. 

To make or enquire about a custom order, contact me through the contact form, or via email to and I'll be happy to work with you on customising a pickup from the range, or tailoring a pickup set specifically to your needs.

How do I wire in my Alchemy humbucker?

The Alchemy Pickups 4-conductor wiring code is as follows - South finish (hot) WHITE, South start (series) GREEN, North start (series) RED, North finish (ground) BLACK. All standard Alchemy humbuckers use the slug coil as the South (hot) coil, and the screw coil as the North (ground) coil, including those using vintage braided hookup wire. The bare wire shielding within the 4-conductor wire is always ground.

What do the cover options mean?

Uncovered humbucker pickups mean that the bobbins will be showing, and these can be black, ivory or zebra (one black bobbin and one ivory bobbin). Standard cover options for humbuckers and humbucker-sized P90s are; nickel (shiny silver), raw nickel (dull silver), black (black cover, not to be confused with uncovered black bobbins and not available for HSP90s), gold (shiny gold plated with matching gold screws), or hybrid (nickel cover with gold screws). All pickups will be supplied with nickel pole pieces unless otherwise arranged, except in the case of hybrid and gold cover options, where supplied pole pieces will be gold. Black covers can be supplied as either matte black or chrome black covers on request. Hex screws, black screws, blackened nickel screws and various other options are available by custom order - email me at or contact me through the contact from to request more information and/or arrange a purchase with custom screw and cover options.

Payment and Shipping

We accept payment by PayPal, and through most credit/debit cards. Shipping cost is almost always calculated simply by the shipping option selected. All pickups shipped to the UK are done so free of charge with complimentary tracked and insured Special Delivery. International shipping is £9 tracked to most locations. Any specific queries regarding payment and shipping can be answered through contacting me through the contact form, or through email to

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Payment is made through PayPal checkout and other credit/debit card transactions are powered by Square checkout. When placing a custom order, payment can be made directly via PayPal - contact me for more information on custom orders.

Returns & Refunds

Our pickups are supplied with a one year warranty, and returns are accepted within this time for a full refund. Should, for any reason, our pickups not meet your sonic expectations, contact me to arrange a refund or discuss a potential replacement at

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