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Humbucker Sound Clips

Hartshorn - Bridge Clean
Hartshorn - Neck Clean
Hartshorn - Bridge Rock Rhythm
Hartshorn - Neck Rock Solo
Hartshorn - Bridge Rock Lead
Hartshorn - Bridge Metal Rhythm
Hartshorn - Neck Metal Solo
Hartshorn - Bridge Metal Lead
Hartshorn - Neck Blues Solo
Leviathan - Clean Bridge
Leviathan - Clean Neck
Leviathan - Bridge Metal Lead
Leviathan - Neck Metal Lead
Evo II - Bridge Clean
Evo II - Neck Clean
Evo II - Neck Blues Solo
Evo II - Neck Rock Solo
Evo II - Bridge Blues Rhythm
Evo II - Bridge Rock Rhythm
Evo II - Bridge Blues Solo
Evo II - Bridge Rock Solo

Page in progress, more sound clips coming soon...

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