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Dedicated product page for single-coils available as Telecaster pickups. Telecaster bridge pickups will be supplied with a traditional string bound coil, and neck pickups will be supplied with the standard Telecaster lipstick nickel cover. Each of the current Strat pickups can be ordered as a Telecaster pickup, and in-depth descriptions of each pickup can be found on their respective product page. Here is a brief description of how each available pickup model sounds in a Tele:



Extremely bright, twangy and lower output AlNiCo V set. A very traditional and spanky Telecaster sound reminiscent of early Tele models.



An AlNiCo III set offering a balanced EQ response that allows the natural tonal qualities of your guitar to shine through. Will have more mids and less treble presence than the Astral set, but slightly higher output to retain clarity through some gain/effects and still plenty of bite and snap to the tone.



AlNiCo II powered set which subdues the treble and gives a warmer, smoother and more rounded tonal response without being overwound or compressed. This set is perfect for anyone who finds their Tele too bright or harsh sounding, but wants to retain a relatively vintage voicing and all of the traditional single-coil harmonic qualities.



A more modern output set that still allows for the treble to be pushed for that spanky, treble-focused Telecaster sound without sacrificing any clarity with use of high gain or effects. The Quicksilver set is AlNiCo V powered, and offers an option for a player who wants to retain the classic Tele sound, while also being able to play slightly heavier music without the tone sounding too thin or becoming too muddied.



A super modern Telecaster pickup, wound with thin wire around AlNiCo V rod magnets. This overwound Tele set tames the treble and tightens the bass with more of a mid-punch and compressed response. This set is perfect for anyone who wants to venture into metal playing with a true single coil, giving pretty heavy tones and great cut and clarity all with the more open haronics that a single coil provides. This is also a good option for anyone looking to play a wide variety of modern and classic rock styles, and is finding that their Telecaster tends to sound a little too harsh or treble-heavy for their liking.


All Telecaster pickups are provided with vintage correct cloth shielded hookup wiring.

Telecaster Pickups

  • Type: Single Coil

    Magnets: See description for each model's magnet specs

    Potted: Yes

  • Our pickups are supplied with a one year warranty, and returns are accepted within this time for a full refund, or equal value pickup replacement. Check our FAQ page for full refund policy.

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