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The Alchemy Quintessence is an out-and-out jazz pickup, designed to deliver the smoothest, clearest and cleanest of cleans, with as even a response across the strings possible, with a unique aesthetic which should look at home on any jazz guitar routed for humbuckers.

It is built on a traditional humbucker baseplate with twelve slug polepieces to deliver a wider and flatter magnetic field, then topped with an aluminium top plate to further disperse the magnetic pull, and finished off with an H gate cover for a classy look. 

The Quintessence set is powered by AlNiCo III magnets to deliver a very transparent tonal response, allowing the natural tones and resonance of the instrument to shine through. They are wound using thinner winding wire for a warmer and tighter sound, but to a low output, allowing the sound to retain a live, harmonic feel. This gives the Quintessence set a much fuller tone at low output than a set wound using thicker wire, and a much more transparent and responsive feel than a set wound to a higher, more modern output.

The magnetic wider, softer magnetic field of the Quintessence allows for superior sustain, and exceptional tracking on subtle vibratos and bends, ensuring there is never any volume drop.

The bridge retains enough high end presence due to its low output and positioning on the instrument to deliver tight, choppy rhythms when the player digs in with the pick, and with a softer attack and tone rolled back can be extremely dark without ever losing its clarity.

The neck pickup is lower in output still, but thanks to its positioning on the instrument delivers a very natural warmth, and responds extremely well to having the tone rolled back, for thick, treacley individual notes, which won't lose their character or become overly muddied, even with the tone well below half.

The Quintessence were designed and tested for use with flatwound strings for a truly smooth tone, but will even add tons of jazzy warmth to a setup with roundwound or hex core strings.


When coil tapped, the Quintessence deliver an even more 'live' harmonic tone, but still retain their core warmth and responsiveness - giving them a P90 type quality, and making them a great solution for anyone who wants the extreme warmth of a jazz humbucking set, and the more lively chime of a P90 bridge, all in one pickup.


Though designed entirely with jazz in mind, these pickups also deliver exceptional tones for warm, clean progressive playing, ethereal and ambient styles, and respond beautifully to pick attack and finger playing. The Quintessence set has just enough output to really sing when played through some fuzz and delay/reverb effects, just as well as when used through a completely clean amp.


Note - The Alchemy Quintessence is more expensive to manufacture due to its unique H-Gate over foil top design. The Quintessence can be custom ordered to be made up as a standard covered or uncovered humbucker, contact me through the contact form or via email at to arrange a custom order.


  • Magnets: Bridge - AlNiCo III, Neck - AlNiCo III

    Coil Wire: 0.05mm

    Potted: Yes

    Typical DC Resistance: Bridge - 8.3k, Neck - 7.6k

    Available with mdern 4-core conductor wire for coil-splitting, or vintage braided wire for slightly more simple hookup.

  • Our pickups are supplied with a one year warranty, and returns are accepted within this time for a full refund, or equal value pickup replacement. Check our FAQ page for full refund policy.

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