The Evocation hope to ‘evoke’ the sound of a 50s Gibson Les Paul, aiming to replicate the open and unbalanced sound of early Gibson PAF pickups faithfully, whilst also recreating the aged sound of the pickups – using traditional 42AWG wire at a low, vintage wind to achieve the naturally trebly sound, teamed with a non-traditional brass baseplate rather than nickel to recreate the effect years of aging has on natural loss of pinpoint accuracy, and smooth the bridge treble ever so slightly to ensure it is never shrill in the higher register, despite the use of an AlNiCo IV magnet for organic, vintage highs, with solid mids and tighter bass response. All without sacrificing the classic slower scatterwind and unbalanced coils associated with the original PAF sound. The neck is powered by an AlNiCo II magnet, emphasising the natural warmth of the position, producing a gorgeous and complex middle position sound, and making the set overall as versatile as PAF pickups, capable of bassy, warm cleans, clear, soaring highs, and driven, crunchy classic rock tones.


To account for the inconsistensies in early humbuckers, I also offer an AlNiCo II version of the Evocation bridge on request, for those who want a truly warm, full sounding guitar, without the edge of a brighter bridge. Early humbucking singlecuts could have a pokey, bright bridge, or a rounded warm bridge tone - this option is for those who are searching for the latter. The AlNiCo II bridge option gives the set a fat vintage sound, with less definition in the bass, buttery smooth highs, and tons of lower-mids in every position; great for classic blues tones.


To order a set with an AlNiCo II bridge, simply leave a note to me on your order stating that you want the AlNiCo II bridge, as AlNiCo IV comes as standard. If you are unsure of which bridge magnet option is best for you, email me and we can discuss which would suit your instrument best. The winds on the pickup are identical regardless of magnet choice; so both magnets can be supplied with a £6 surcharge, for you to experiment with swapping one out for the other - email me prior to purchasing if you're interested in this option!


  • Type: Humbucker
    Magnets: Bridge - AlNiCo IV (AII option), Neck - AlNiCo II
    Coil Wire: 42AWG
    Potted: Yes

    All humbuckers available with vintage braided wiring to allow for ease of installation, or modern 4 conductor wiring to allow for coil splitting etc.

  • Our pickups are supplied with a one year warranty, and returns are accepted within this time for a full refund, or equal value pickup replacement. Check our FAQ page for full refund policy.