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These are high-quality, Russian military grade K40-Y 'paper in oil' capacitors, available in three different values to help customise the tonal response of your electric guitar. All of our capacitors have suitable voltages for their ratings, and are ready for use in the tone circuit of an electric guitar.



This is a low value capacitor, and lower than the usual 0.022uF capacitors found in most humbucking guitars. These capacitors allow more treble through, and are ideal for usage with higher output pickups, or in any guitar where more presence in the top end is required. With higher output pickups, the treble tends to smoothed out in order to tighten the bass response. These high-quality, low value capacitors remedy this, and allow for the pickup to keep its tightened bass amd focus, without comprimising on treble response. Recommended for usage with our Claymore, Hartshorn (bridge), and Leviathan humbuckers, and in guitars where the humbucker response is warmer, or lacking in top-end.



My personal favourite capacitor value for all-round use, a 0.033uF cap lies between the usual 0.022uF and 0.047uF values of humbucking and single-coil guitars respectively. This means that any pickup that sounds a little too bright in a humbucking guitar, or a little too dark in a single-coil, could be remedied with the use of one of these PIO capacitors. 0.033uF capacitors are also ideal for use with P90 pickups, where 0.022uF may allow a little too much treble through to achieve that full, fat P90 sound, but 0.047uF caps may cause the P90s to loose a little too much high-end and definition. I recommend use of 0.033uF caps with brighter humbuckers, such as my Rapier set, or AIV Evocation bridge, my higher output single coils, and the Regia, Shimmer Fantastica, and Nix Alba pickups in my P90/HSP90 range.



The highest value of the PIO capacitors I stock, and suited to situations where only the warmest, vintage tone is sought. More suitable for single-coil pickups than humbuckers or P90s, 0.068uF capacitors should be used in guitars which sound much too shrill without the tone rolled off, or in guitars with bright, lower output single-coils. Recommended for use with my Astral single-coil set, 0.068uF caps could also be useful with any humbucking or P90 pickup for a thick, dark, jazzy guitar sound - particularly suitable for Quintessence or Nix Alba pickups which have been purchased for applications in smooth jazz playing, and also useful for getting warm, single-coil jazz tones out of the Mercurial single-coil set.



An ultra-low value tone control capacitor which works well paired with ultra-high output pickups like the Leviathan set, and is also extremely useful wired into treble-heavy guitars with no tone control to tame the treble response without strangling the tone.


All recommendations are guidelines alone, an each pickup will still sound as described with your original instruments capacitors. The pairings are to maximise tonal potentials of each pickup/instrument, and experimentation with capacitor values for interesting, brighter/warmer responses from your instrument to truly make it your own is always encouraged!

Note: Due to the higher value of the 0.068uF capacitors they are slightly larger in size, and require a little more room in the cavity of the instrument to fit in easily! The 0.01uF and 6800pF caps are relatively small, and can be used in tighter spaces than most PIO capacitors.

Vintage Capacitors (Paper in Oil)

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