The Alchemy Nightshade is a high output, modern rail pickup designed specfically for high gain playing and extremely high fidelity response. Wound with thin wire over oversized magnets, the rails ensure strong, even string pull over each and every string, resulting in exceptional bend tracking and note separation.

The oversized ceramic magnet in the bridge produces very tight bass and a focused sound with plenty of bite to cut through extreme amounts of gain, while the high wind ensures that the pickup has a warm, smooth response when played clean, but accurate and searing for lead playing through high gain.

The neck magnet is powered by an oversized AlNiCo V, and delivers a warmer, richer tone, accentuating the mids and retaining the organic qualities of the AlNiCo magnet, while having plenty of output and string pull for very defined soloing and leads.


The Nightshade is only available with modern 4-core conductor wiring, allowing for optional coil splitting and other trick wiring.


  • Type: Rail Humbucker

    Magnets: Bridge - Ceramic (oversized), Neck - AlNiCo V (oversized)

    Coil Wire: 0.05mm

    Potted: Yes

    Rail humbuckers are available with modern 4-core conductor wiring

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