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Alchemy Mercurial single coil strat pickup. Flat pole AIII pickups, with a relatively even frequency response, clear highs, and a hollow, woody sound in the mids, the Alchemy Mercurial is perfect for cleans where a clear and bell-like sound is required. Wound to very slightly hotter than vintage specifications, the Mercurial sings with fuzz applied, with enough clarity in the treble to cut through, and a tight enough bass response to keep the sound from getting flabby, the bridge position will produce a strong, almost scooped sound, while the middle and neck positions will add a little more warmth and achieve a beatifully versatile, even sound.


Go to the 'Telecaster Pickups' page to purchase this pickup set for Tele style guitars!


SKU: AP007
  • Type: Single Coil (Strat)
    Magnets: AlNiCo III
    Coil Wire: 43AWG
    Potted: Yes

    Typical DC Resistance: Bridge - 7.8k, Middle - 6.9k, Neck 6.8k

    Typical Inductance: Bridge - 2.73L, Middle - 2.09L, Neck - 2.04L

    All single coils come with vintage cloth hookup wiring as standard.

  • Our pickups are supplied with a one year warranty, and returns are accepted within this time for a full refund, or equal value pickup replacement. Check our FAQ page for full refund policy.

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